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I am a Christ-follower; wife to Chris; and mother to two beautiful daughters, Lilliana and Emmalyn.
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Monday, December 19, 2011

So many choices

You've heard of Pinterest right? Seriously, if you haven't, you really need to check it out.

I've been working on a board for Emmalyn's room, but it has so many ideas I'm having trouble paring it down. So to help myself, here are a few of my absolute favorites. What do you think?

For wall color and wainscotting (although ours will be higher up, more like 3/4's the height of the room)

Love the yellow dresser. We currently have an old highboy dresser that is green. I think it is time for a new color and new handles.

Love this free printable as a mobile

Gorgeous hand lettered chalk sign for Emmalyn's name and birth date

Love the tissue poms!

Wall art options

Two rug options:

wallpaper behind the crib?

OK I think that's enough for now :). Hopefully we will get started on the room over the holidays. I am ready to see it start to come together! We can't wait for Miss Emmalyn to be here!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

So, I just had to record my conversation with Lilli yesterday for posterity.

Lilli: Mommy, I don't know what I'm getting you yet for Christmas. I'm getting Daddy a new computer.

Me: You are?

Lilli: Yep, a blue one, not a white one.

Me: Who's going to pay for that.

Lilli: I don't know, but they are. And when they buy it, I'm going to download it.

Me: Oh really? Baby what does download mean?

Lilli: It's when they put it all in a package. I'm going to get it for Daddy and then download it!

Me: OK baby. <laughing inside and wishing I had recorded this conversation> I know your Daddy will love it!