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I am a Christ-follower; wife to Chris; and mother to two beautiful daughters, Lilliana and Emmalyn.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open Letter to All Husbands

It was recently brought to my attention that husbands often wish their wives would simply let them know directly when they want something. No hinting - no matter how obvious it may be - would work (or so I was told).

As a wife, I know that we often expect our husbands to simply know what we want. Hello, we live together right? 

Well boys, let me let you in on a little secret. Mother's day is coming up. Yeah, yeah I hear you. You don't have any kids yet? Or your kids aren't old enough to pick out anything yet?


Your wife will be on cloud nine if you think ahead and get her something for Mother's day. She might be the mother of your children, or the mother of your furry (or scaley, or hairless, or feathered) children, or simply the mother of your future children, again


Be thoughtful (oh, there's that key word, I've bet you've heard before: I wish you would just be more thoughtful). For starters get her a card. Then, if you're willing to up the ante a bit, get her a simple, but sweet gift. These would be a great choice (ahem, Chris, ahem, size 8, cough cough) ....

and can be found here.

And if you think you really want to go all out, make her breakfast in bed. She will appreciate it -- even if all you know how to make is toast. (Just pour her a glass of orange juice to go along with it).

Well guys - I hope this helped clear up a few things for you. 

And women, feel free to pass this on to your husband if need be. (Remember they don't do hints very well.)

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