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I am a Christ-follower; wife to Chris; and mother to two beautiful daughters, Lilliana and Emmalyn.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

One month already!

Well, yesterday Lilliana turned a month old. I can't believe it, time sure is flying by. Her day was filled with adventure, including her first trip to Target. Mom will make a shopper out of her yet :) Here are a few pics (do you think her Daddy loves her?)


Aunt Bobbi said...

YEAH!!! More pictures. I am sure mom will make her a great shopper. A frugal one at that!! Not that she needs any more clothes! :) Before you know it she'll be running around everywhere.

Happy Birthday, Lilliana!!!!

Kara said...

a month, already?! and i still haven't mailed her gift! ah....time flies by. i will get it to you before she's 2 months old...

hope all of you are getting some rest.