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I am a Christ-follower; wife to Chris; and mother to two beautiful daughters, Lilliana and Emmalyn.
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Thursday, October 4, 2007


So, many of you have asked me about our decision to use cloth diapers. A few reasons we have made this decision are: cost savings, softer on baby and less diaper rash, learn to potty train earlier, and it's better for the environment too. Saying this, there will be times Lilliana will be in disposables but we can do most of her diapering in cloth. The main diaper we are going with is called a Haute Pocket. It is a one-size pocket diaper. This means it will fit her from about 8lbs to 35lbs - pretty much the entire time she is in diapers. The diapers fit that long because of snaps and velcro that allow you to adjust the size. Being a pocket diaper means you put an insert in the diaper for absorbancy. These diapers come with the inserts. When she is a newborn and a little smaller we will probably use a fitted diaper (I am currently leaning towards a brand called kissaluvs) that is just cloth but is sized to fit newborns 5lbs to 12lbs. You have to use a diaper cover with these, but you don't need one for every change, you can reuse the cover because the diaper absorbs everything. Both of these types of diapers can be put in the wash, you just wash them with a couple of tablespoons of detergent and then give them an extra rinse. They can also be dryed in the dryer or you can hang them to dry. Okay, that is my tutorial for the night, hope I have answered some of your questions. The picture on the left is the Haute Pocket diaper, and the picture on the right is the Kissaluvs.

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